A Word Of Welcome


A word of warm welcome to all our friends and family who have supported us and thought this could be a great idea for a blogazine. Finally we are up and running. We promise to be regular from now on and bring the brilliant stories we have come across so far, which are all real and true.

This august we bring you the first of the true stories of this blogazine. We truly hope you like her journey from a young homemaker to an independent single woman. The month of August will also bring three more stories, the details of which will be revealed soon.  So read on, leave us comments about how you liked the story. We are open to suggestions.

You are also welcome to contribute to this blogazine, if you know a truly incredible woman, you can write about her, and mail it to us. We will surely publish it. Or you may nominate a women who you think is truly incredible and we will interview her and run her story.

Get in touch with us at incrediblewomenofindia@gmail.com

Love you all,

Thanks and Regards

Rhiti and Sulakshana.


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