WORK FASTER by Santosh Bakaya

The gypsy woman lighting a fire almost choked

Her husband and master sat under a tree and smoked.

This sluggard of a master blaster

Thought he was right to blast her

With many a sigh, the stubborn fire she stoked.


She kneaded the flour , and the obstinate fire poked

Made cow dung cakes her feelings well- cloaked.

“Can you not work faster? ” Shouted the stout master

Between big puffs of the bidi which he smoked .


The woman rolled out rotis , choking and coughing

With a passion intense, the master kept puffing .

“Work faster”shouted the bloke

Surrounded by some new folk

Who started cracking jokes and raucously laughing .


She rolled out rotis which they gluttonously ate

The child in the crib cried,as she bent on the grate.

His father was ready for the day

With a pack of cards all set to play

Wiping her hands , she went to the crib straight .


With a mind boggling dexterity the cards he shuffled

The woman picked up the child with a sigh muffled

To her breast he clung

While a lullaby she sung

And with a flour smeared hand , his hair she ruffled.


“Give us some tea,we are tired “, said the master

This master blaster had every right to blast her

She put the child in the crib

Planted a kiss, adjusting his bib

Rushed back to the stove , her movements now faster.




I am passionate about teaching and writing, the incredible beauty of nature never fails to stir me and my pen . I am the happiest when I am writing, specially about the extra-ordinariness peering from seemingly ordinary faces. The incredible magicality of life always keeps me on a high.I have penned three mystery novels for young adults , a couple of quiz books, and a book of essays FLIGHTS FROM MY TERRACE ,which was recently published as an ebook on Smashwords.My poetic biography of Mahatma Gandhi is soon to be published by Vitasta PUBLISHERS,DELHI.

santosh bakaya

© Santosh Bakaya 2015



6 thoughts on “WORK FASTER by Santosh Bakaya

  1. A not unusual, expected scenario, worldwide almost. The females never resting but given responsibility for mundane household tasks whilst the men “play”. Of course, this has to change ….

  2. Excellent ! A scene so familiar in our country that it passes unnoticed but bringing out its pathos can only be done by someone whose soul hasn’t hardened but made more sensitive by such scenes around. Take a bow ! Santosh Bakaya-incredible writer!

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