Gita Jayakumar

Gita Jayakumar

The youngest of four, Gita Jayakumar carved her own path, unlike most other younger children who tend to follow her older siblings’ footsteps. Growing up between Kolar Gold Fields and Bangalore, Gita moved to Chennai after marriage to V S Jayakumar, a lawyer. She did her Bachelor’s Degree in three majors of Physics, Chemistry and Maths, and followed it up with a Masters’ Degree in Economics. As fortune would have it, she landed up in a career that had nothing to do with her degrees: Alternative healing and fitness.

Gita’s brush with fitness began when she was a teenager, when a chance encounter at a Yoga class had her hooked to the art and fitness form. A time came when she would stand on her head with ease, and put a string through her nose, to bring it out of her mouth with aplomb. Armed with a curious mind and a tendency to find out more about the world around her, Gita took up a certification course with the Vivekananda Yoga Kendra.

Marriage brought Gita to Chennai, and she got caught up in bringing her daughter and son. Despite the demands of motherhood, Gita kept her creativity alive through her work with art. From Tanjore paintings to oil, from acrylic to fabric, Gita wove tapestries of colour through her paintings, and brought still life to vibrant and vivid aliveness through her stained glass paintings. She dabbled with tie-and-dye, ceramic painting, pottery and doll making, and gave her children a world of colour to play and grow up with, while leaving them inspired with creativity coming from within.

While Gita remained in touch with fitness through her personal pursuit of the field, the itch to explore the world even deeper with all the new things that technology and science had to offer became greater with time. In 2001, Gita completed the Reebok Aerobics Instructor course, which made her a Global Aerobics Instructor after she passed the exams with flying colours. Her fledgling initiatives up until then were second to her children, who were her priorities: and when they began to stand on their own two feet, Gita gave a long overdue dream the shape it most deserved.

Armed with her certifications, Gita began group classes for different age groups in Aerobics and fitness. With time, she took on certifications in Pre and Post Natal Fitness for expectant and new mothers, Nutrition in Dietetics and varying forms of fitness – such as Kickboxing, Hi/Lo, Step Aerobics, Kettlebell Aerobics and many more. Armed with the acumen to combine the best of the world’s fitness regimens, Gita gave her students workouts that they might have had to travel the length and breadth of the world to enjoy, otherwise.

Even as Gita noticed that her students were all devoted to her classes and followed all that she told them to, to the T, some of them had results immediately, while some were stuck in limbo without favorable results. That set her thinking: what could be the reason why some responded to fitness when some didn’t? Some soul searching and a lot of research led her to the world of mind-body connections: that it is sometimes the manifestation of something in the mind that the body faces as an illness.

Gita then got into alternative healing, which took her on a journey into Reiki, Magnified Healing, Bach Flower Therapy, Crystal Healing, Acupressure and Acupuncture. Delving deeper into the mind body connect, Gita found answers to many of her questions, while some still seemed elusive.

Strengthened and renewed research guided her after every client in her studio: be it for fitness or for diet and nutrition, or for any of the other alternative therapies she dealt with. There were many inexplicable health issues that she wanted to find answers for. She chanced upon Emotional Freedom Therapy, which got her into understanding the significance of energy psychology, and effecting paradigm shifts in the thinking of an individual, to effect significant shifts in their body and health. More soul searching got her into the fields of META Health and Advanced Clearing Energetics or ACE. Her cumulative experiences gave her the capacity to breathe life into the desire in her to find solutions to better lives through showing people the capacity they have within themselves, to heal themselves and to rise above their issues.

Gita’s efforts in healing have yielded tremendous fruit: people with heart diseases, congenital defects, cancer, fractures and several chronic illnesses have walked into her session feeling encumbered by their illnesses, only to leave the session feeling incredibly light, wholesome and completely free of their illnesses – which leaves them never to return. A staunch advocate of healing oneself from within, Gita has been driven by a simple motivation: that an individual is the fuel for his existence. She is encouraged by the understanding that one can only adopt and live by the solutions that one crafts for himself with full faith and strength of conviction, and believes that the capacity to form such solutions lies within all of us. The mundane demands of life tend to erode that capacity on occasion, but with a strong sense of self-belief and self-reliance through energy healing, one can find a way to beat that hollow.

Inspired by her mother who passed away in November 2013, Gita is on a mission to show the world that there are many, many ways to good health that start from within oneself, and that these routes remain steadfast, for they begin from a place of inbred inspiration.

Article written by : Kirthi Jayakumar 

To know more about Kirthi please visit our writers page.

Article Sourced for IWOI: Rhiti Bose


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  1. What an inspiring saga of dedication and quest for knowledge that has helped many and will continue to help a lot more of us! Excellent write up and kudos to Gita Jayakumar for her sterling work.

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