Hello Reet, first can you tell us something about your childhood, growing up years and family.

Dear Rhiti, you fabulous woman yourself, thank you so much for the honor – it is lovely to be hosted on your blog!

I’ve had a grand, adventurous childhood, moving from one exciting place to another owing to my father being in the Indian Army. Thanks to my mom’s addiction to books, my sisters and I have always placed ‘reading’ as a favorite hobby and so holidays meant reading-marathons and play-acting sessions. It is no wonder I write!

How and when did you start writing?

I started writing as a child, then as a teenager, then as an adult – I start and pause and start and pause – life tends to get in the way.

I’m a doctor and my excuse is that a whole lot of life intrudes into my writing space and gets precedence, so I am not as prolific as I would like to be. This intrusion business isn’t all bad, though – I also get a lot of inspiration for my stories!

What is that one thing you love about being an author?

I adore the fact that I can escape into a world where the characters jump to my bidding and I can make them do all manner of amazing, joyful, adventurous things – and some sad, bad things – but there is always a happy ending no matter how tough the journey is! I love that.

Can you tell us something about your book?

The book being promoted via the hugely compelling Tornado Giveaway 2 is ‘The Cure was Love”.

It is my second romance, and the first where the male and female leads are both doctors.

The Cure is not so much about medicine as about the romance between two young people who cannot be together because their usual lives are oceans apart – dauntless Simi is from India, and the delicious Rudy lives and works in America.

The story, which starts in cold, vibrant New York, is all about how they get over obstacles – human and logistical – to come together in warm, vibrant India! There are adorable dogs and delightful babies and meddlesome family – I enjoyed writing this one a lot! Here is the cover:


How does it feel like being a part of Tornado Giveaway?

It is utterly humbling – I am speechless!

The amount of work that goes into organizing and hosting an event of this magnitude is unimaginable – I must  acknowledge the selfless commitment of Rubina, Sundari, Inderpreet, Dola and Janaki, the beautiful people behind the Tornado! I am also indebted to the bloggers, authors, and readers who have been tweeting and blogging madly about The Cure was Love.

What do you think is the future of reading and writing in India?

The future of reading is looking good – I find so many people at book fairs that I feel reassured!

The same cannot be said for writing if we think in terms of traditional publishing – there is always going to be a bottleneck there; but the future of independent publishing is optimistic, although I’m sure it takes an awful bit of courage to go Indie – I am certainly going to try it some day.

What are your other passions apart from writing?

Reading, definitely, but also crochet – I love creating shawls and stoles and even offered one to the winner of my first ever book contest – here is a picture of one of my creations.


What is your advice for aspiring writers?

Write, or course, write every day.

Read a lot too – all sorts of things, even genres that you yourself don’t write – you’ll discover little gems, writing tricks, that other highly successful writers use to make their books unputdownable – so read whatever you can, whenever you can.

Especially, read articles that tell you how to write and how to market your books. I personally keep discovering all manner of fabulous advice (I also have a Pinterest board for that!) and I believe each next book will be richer than the last because one keeps learning – writing is a journey, not a destination, after all

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Please follow the link for THE CURE WAS LOVE:

Book 4

Interview Co-ordinated for IWI: Rhiti Bose


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