Art Work for 6th Women Scream, Kolkata Chapter By Sufia Khatoon



A note about the artist’s painting, passion and her journey in her own words:

My journey in the world of painting  wasn’t a planned decision. When I was young I had this habit of sketching Disney characters whenever the classes used to bore me. I had never been able to understand the education system of our schools because we studied almost everything and nothing interested me. I was always imaginative wondering around. So I had no such outlet to express my thoughts until when I got the chance to exhibit my works. I had no idea about depths of subjects cause I never went to painting school. My first exhibition happened at a time when I had lost my grandmother that time painting helped me to express my emotions. Same thing happened with poetry writing too. Now presently after two three years my creativity has found its freedom. It’s like my heart and mind have opened up to the world. My subjects vary from the complexities of our mundane life to its simplest moments. I began organizing art exhibitions when I realized that as an artist there wasn’t much scope as Bengal is overflowing with it. And upcoming artists had no chance of making a living out of their passion until they were famous. So Art Fair was a platform for upcoming artists. By doing this I got to know more about the world of art. It’s bigger and way above us. It’s like universe acts through creative mediums like us. It’s fascinating to know millions of creative mind working day and night to decode the message of our universe. Well that’s what I believe strongly since I have felt it and lived it too. Art came to me not out of my search but because of a reason. And I plan to spend the rest of my life searching for the answers through my art and writings.
As a curator of Art Fair I collaborated with Rhythm Divine Poets group to coordinate the Kolkata chapter of the global event called Woman Scream International Poetry and Art Festival on 26th March by Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI) from the Dominican Republic, and coordinated by Jael Uribe, MPI’s President to raise through the paintings of artists the voice of a woman, her life, her shades, her dreams and we have been able to bring in many young school girls to showcase their works along with professional artists.


Painting Series: 1

Title: Oh Woman! Speak up

It’s a series of painting of lips of woman to show their beauty and longing to speak out. Each time they want to speak something stops them and they bleed. Woman have been an object of desire for ages but they have dreams too which has no gender I believe. So they too have the right to live them. To speak out about their love for life and live it.
I plan to sell the works later and donate an amount to a girls orphanage in kolkata.
Medium: Ink and wash, acrylic and ink, pen and ink.
I have used various techniques to paint these. Basically an experiment with mediums like ink and pen. Wash with acrylic giving that extra edge to the paintings.
Size: 11*13 inches

Painting Series: 2

Title: Fragments


Ink and thumb painting
The series is called Fragments as in each painting I have showed the various faces and shades of her soul this dividing her body into fragments.

Like in painting 1
Title: love and lust

A libido drives the bodies of humans. A woman sometimes is bound by that instinct and sometimes the same desire to be driven sets her free. It’s about the notions in our society that binds her and to release her at the same time. Maybe sometimes she enslaves herself without being conscious about it as it’s deeply rooted in her social culture. But everyone she questions that basic instinct and goes beyond just becoming an object of love or lust she becomes empowered.

Painting 2
Titled: Who am I?
This painting has a fingerprint which is symbolises the search of the existence of her identity. What is she as an individual is portrayed through the fragment series.

Painting 3…
Title: FLY
The closed window marked with her finger prints has trapped the fly, the essence of her soul to abide by the rules of the firmed glass like society which can break anytime. She shows resistance here to break free.

Painting 4 of Fragments series
Title: Smoked Soul
…shows a  candle with a dead flame. But still the smokes travel further and wide in space to find the answers to the questions of existence of things like a candle and flames. Candle of course depicts woman but her soil transcends through the smoke which is her dream to find answers and look for herself.

Painting Series: 3

Title: Desire and Revenge

This is my most ambitious series.
Size: 11 * 13 inches
Medium : Pen and acrylic with doodling
A woman has desires both physical and emotional which she needs to cater too without having to think about society. But unfortunately it’s not so, woman are still hesitant about these things or  rather do not care about making them a scapegoat for all sort of violence. She needs to be empowered in this and needs to know that her wishes and desires are important and it actually shapes her soul and individuality.

Even is she is treated most of the time as an object of lust, she knows love and cares for her loved ones. She sacrifices and delivers her duties every time.

The spider in the next two painting speak about society and the lecherous lusty eyes that rape and violate her. The knife represent she herself. Even if she is the giver, she can stand up for the self respect and be revengeful. She is like a dormant volcano now, the moment the level of suffering goes beyond endurance she will burst and things will take an ugly turn.
Our society is at the brink of it now where we constantly here about violence and death. It’s high time we take measures and change our thoughts. We can stop all this only if we believe and respect woman’s individuality.


2015-12-27 13.45.46Sufia Khatoon is a social activist managing Our World Our Initiative, a social and philanthropic initiative to help underprivileged focusing on helping old people, children and orphans who are forced to beg or earn on the Streets. As an Art curator of Art Fair and artist, she has exhibited her works in eminent galleries in Kolkata like Mirage Art Gallery, Birla Art gallery, Academy of Fine Arts, Chemould Art Gallery,  ICCR, Shrimati Art Gallery with more than 20 groups shows in 2 years. She has been featured *India Positive, CNN IBN*, Femina, Telegraph, Times of India, Taaza Tvvarious online portals, magazines and websites for her social and artworks. She is a young passionate enthusiast who loves to live her life. Writing for her is survival…without which she would lose her vision. Her poetry has been selected for various national and international anthologies namely Magnitude by IIA, Umbilical Cord by Rejected stuff, Milange by Poets corner, Kaafiyana of Delhi Poetry festival, Create2inspire initiated anthology The Dawn Beyond Waste, Avadh Literary Festival anthology ‘Lifenaama’, Red Balloon Anthology, Hall of Poets, Colours of Refugess, and many more. Her short stories has been published in various anthologies life 25 Strokes of Teen Life by Grapevine,  Seasons of Love, Myraid Tales and Life Sundae, Wordweavers, etc. She is the co-founder of Rhythm Divine, a poets’ group in Kolkata which focuses on promoting poetry, organizing creative writing workshops and featuring poets live on radio. It’s about poetry reaching out to people and poets evolving. She is currently working on her poetry book.


Rhythm Divine Poets in association with Art Fair celebrates the strength of woman on the occasion of woman’s month in March by promoting art and poetry festival in the city of Kolkata. To raise voice against violence on woman is the mutual goal. These associations will lead to Rhythm Divine coordinating Kolkata chapter of the global event called Woman Scream International Poetry and Art Festival on 26th March by Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI) from the Dominican Republic, and coordinated by Jael Uribe, MPI’s President.

The Kolkata chapter is co-sponsored by Incredible Women of India, Manya Education Pvt Limited and The Princeton Review hosted by the Berlia family in Kolkata. Print partner SIBCO Overseas Pvt Ltd and Admakers Gift sponsored by Readomania

Radio Partner Radio One 94.3FM

Online Web media partner Incredible Woman of India and Calcalling

Online media and literary partner Readomania, Learning and Creativity and Being Bookworms

For more information on Women Scream please visit the following pages:

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Art: ©Sufia Khatoon 2016




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