Artwork by Pragya Sharaf, Student of Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata


Although they have been created as a team, their main architect is Pragya Sharaf, a seventeen year old girl from Modern High School for Girls. Pragya is an artist in the truest sense, for she dabbles in music, in dance as well as in art and craft. Her striking talent, however, remain her excellent cooking skills, which defeat those of the most talented adults, and leave every foodie asking for more.  When she’s not cooking, you will find Pragya playing games with her neighbours or watching crime shows on television.

These are colourful origami birds and butterflies, designed to represent the freedom of the female mind and their ability to fly. The installation is called ” Freewill
They have been handcrafted as a team, with girls ranging from 12 years to women of 40 participating in their creation, defeating with utmost beauty the myth that women cannot work together. These butterflies and birds have been created by simple paper folding methods, but the artists firmly believe that they are alive- the butterflies spreading the colours of diversity and the birds singing the song of unity.

These will be exhibited in Woman Scream Art Festival.


Note from the curator: 

We are organizing the Kolkata chapter of this global event Woman scream in association with Rhythm Divine Poets Group with the idea of uniting various art forms initiated by like minded people specially woman to come together to raise voice against violence. What is fantastic is this Woman Scream International Art and Poetry Festival is initiated by Jael Uribe from Dominican Republic and all around the world more than 500 events has been initiated by coordinators who felt they could connect to this global cause. We all feel privileged to be a part of it. I had conceptualized the Art Fair exhibition two years back to give a platform to young artists who have never seen the limelight and often get lost in the overflowing art culture. It has always initiated artists of all age, professional and self taught to experiment and express through their works the message of peace and tolerance more over to cross over the usual and speak out the truth. The way our world is rapidly growing intolerant behaviour towards everything, it is up to artists, poets, writers, actors, musicians to bring that change in thoughts and perceptions because it’s the only way to change our present scenario. I am every glad to associate with Rhythm Divine Poets group and Incredible Women of India to do an outdoor exhibition for the first time. For Art Fair Woman Celebration I felt the need to reach out to school students to bring out the theme of this event in the forefront. So Modern High Girls School students have worked on some projects from portraits to abstract to show what woman can really do and I am really happy with their work and support. I am feeling really glad to see how everything came together to help us create an event like this. Art Fair has always helped in uplifting the underprivileged children by raising funds through art sale and also supporting the artists in the process. We have done fund raising art event twice before so this time as well we plan to do the same. We hope Kolkata people will be generous enough to come down and support the cause. We all are excited about it and hope 26th march turns out to be beautiful experience for all of us.

Sufia Khatoon,  Curator Art Fair Co Founder Rhythm Divine Poets


For more information on Women Scream please visit the following pages:

Facebook Page:


Rhythm Divine Poets in association with Art Fair celebrates the strength of woman on the occasion of woman’s month in March by promoting art and poetry festival in the city of Kolkata. To raise voice against violence on woman is the mutual goal. These associations will lead to Rhythm Divine  coordinating the Kolkata chapter of the global event called Woman Scream International Poetry and Art Festival on 26th March by Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI) from the Dominican Republic, and coordinated by Jael Uribe, MPI’s President.
The Kolkata chapter is  co-sponsored by Incredible Women of India, Manya Education Pvt Limited and The Princeton Review hosted by the Berlia family in Kolkata.
Print partner SIBCO Overseas Pvt Ltd and Admakers
Gift sponsored by Readomania
Radio Partner Radio One 94.3FM
Online Web media partner Incredible Woman of India and Calcalling
Print Partner News Beat
Online media and literary partner Readomania, Learning and Creativity and Being Bookworms
Partnered by Hamari Sanskriti, Wordsurfacing and Ahava Communications



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