Mousumi Bhattacharya


What defines you? What are you like?
Some designers need years of training before they can successfully create a product that is ready to be marketed and sold. Then there are those jewelery designers, who need years of training to become a successful designer, and there are ones who are self-taught.
The idea of becoming a jewelry designer without any formal training can seem like a daunting task, and in many respects it is.But with a little bit of dedication, talent, and luck, it doesn’t only need to be a dream, it can also be a reality. My name is Mousumi Bhattacharya,and I didn’t go to school for jewelry design. I am the face behind Mousumi Arts and Design. Yeah,that smiling face up there. I love my parents, my husband ,animals   being in the kitchen and creating. I am a very curious person and always learning about something new. I enjoy fashion, arts and music. I love to travel and I am also a foodaholic.
Tell us something about your childhood and growing up years, college days.

Mousumi’s Parents

I am born and bought up in Kharagpur ( West Bengal ). I am the one and only child of Mr. Mrinal Kanti Chakraborty and Mrs Jayasree Chakraborty. I have completed my school days from Splendour High School and completed my 12th from  Mixed High School ( E.M). Being a single child, my parents did not allow me to go out of station and continue my further studies. They wanted me to continue my further studies in Kharagpur. The education system in West Bengal University is so worse that if you are from English medium school then you have to be in the waiting list even if you get more than 70% marks not only this you have to give the staff and principle the lump sum money under the table or you should have a good political support. Unfortunately, I din’t belong from a political back ground and nor my father can afford to give a lump sum money under the table. So it was my bad luck that even after getting 82% marks in Hindi and 65% marks in English ,I did not get a chance to take Honours. I did my normal graduation from Vidyasagar University in Kharagpur.

Any painful incidents or any experiences which made you stronger as a person?
From my childhood I loved painting,sketching but due to pressure of studies,I couldn’t continue my work.


But it was my luck that I got the chance after my marriage. Yes,it was my hubby who supported me a lot and forced me to continue my painting and other craft work.I started creating jewelry in July 2012. First I started making clay jewelry and many people liked it and that gave me a courage to create more unique designs. From July 2012 – Nov 2012 I made many clay jewelry and all those got sold out. I was very happy. But suddenly 15th Nov 2012 I was admitted in a hospital.

I suffered from Pancreatitis and had Gall Stone Operation. I was admitted in KEM Hospital ( Pune).Almost 4 months I suffered with lot of pain and trust me the pain was unbearable.My condition was very critical. Doctors did not give me a drop of water and food for 15 days.My lungs was filled with water.I took wheel chair support. I wanted to scream and cry loudly but I couldn’t because I knew that if a single drop of tear comes from my eyes than my parents and my husband will become weak. Every second I used to pray god that please stand behind me and give me the strength to bear the pain.


Mousumi and her husband

That time My husband, my parents, my in laws, my sister-in-laws family, my neighbours, my students, my relatives,my muslim friend Nagmana, a christian nurse and even the doctors prayed for me. Thanks to God that I got so many well wishers. Thanks to Dr Bharat Kalambe, Dr Anil Godbole, Dr Mukund, Dr Mayur, Dr shalaka, Dr Gauri and many more doctors and staffs for taking good care. After surgery I went under depression. During that period many people tried to contact me and told that they were waiting to see my more creation and that gave me the courage to create more designs.
From 2014 I again started creating unique jewelleries. Each jewellery takes more than 3 days to make. Each one is designed and handmade by me.Today more than 160 jewelleries got sold out and working alone without any group,I think it is a big achievement for me.


Your collection is beautiful, Where do you get your inspirations for them? 
Most of my jewellery is inspired from Nature, Tribal Art, Mughal Art, Temple Jewellery, Weaving Art, Mehendi Design.
Tell us about the challenges you face at your work now.
Being a successful entrepreneur means constantly growing and learning.It is my goal for people not to just wear our jewels but to be involved and recognize our brand as something they want to be a part of. Sometimes well known brand try to copy my design and that makes me sad. But I don’t give up ,I try my best to create new and more unique design.
Any message you would like to share for the readers of our blogazine?
Achieving balance with your professional and family life is a constant challenge.  Most importantly, be passionate about your work. Don’t copy design from others, try to create your own design.


You can find out more about her work on her FACEBOOK page, Click Here:

Mousumi Arts and Design

Please Note: This interview was conducted online.
The interview was co-ordinated by Rhiti Bose for IWI

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