Proshish Golyan


What defines you? What are you like? 

Age: 29 (Turning 30). Born in India, brought up in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Marriage: Love marriage, Inter caste marriage. Got married at the age of 24 and smuggled by my Husband to Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

An optimist by nature nurture, “No Risk No Life” is a phrase that sums up who I am. Want to experience every bit in life, be it travelling around the world, indulging in the most adventurous expedition, biking, trekking, working as a cook in a restaurant, learning how to make wine, being in the top list of business women in Odisha, contribute for the society; every possible joys of life.

Profession: 6 years in advertising. Creativity and a strong sense of imagination fascinate me. A workaholic, hard working and responsible, only when it comes to work.


With her Husband

Enjoy surprising friends & Family and random people with small little surprises. (For instance: Thank you card to strangers). Strongly believe in the statement ‘Change is good’.

Absent minded, too straight forward, messy wardrobe, love getting into arguments, too clumsy

What will you see if you enter my dreams: Either jumping off some mountain, undersea diving, flying a plane, or fighting like a ninja.



You are a hardcore Bikerni! How did your love for motorcycles begin?

It was never the love for motorcycle, but the love to learn something new. Standard VIII, that’s when I was 14 years old is when I learnt to ride Splendor 125cc. My dad’s bike it was. He was the one who taught me. We were too immature to understand the gender differences. We never knew scooty are meant for girls, and bike for boys. Nobody ever told us girls and women are physically weak. I guess that’s what made it quite easy for us to learn. As its said ‘Its always in the mind that will take you forward, or stop you from doing what you want’. Physically not fit etc are just lame excuses’.

Was not a regular rider. After I learnt it for about a week, I just rode for 15 minutes a day in initial 10-15 days and eventually stopped. I don’t remember riding a bike since then as my excitement then shifted to learn driving car. So, Hardcore Bikerni; not sure. J

It was only during Leh-Ladakh trip that I geared out on road again with the bike; that’s after 14 years.

So every woman in this planet can easily become a Bikerni.


In Ladakh


Can you tell us about your trip through Leh-Ladakh on a bike, what kind of challenges did you face? 

We travelled the world’s three highest motorable passes, Khardungla, Changla, Taglangla, a total of 1100 kms in Avenger and Bullet Classic.


Challenges: Many but we were expecting much more.

Challenge 1: Being married, my first challenge was to convince my Husband. He disagreed but was okay with it later as he was left with no option. I had made up the mind I will go. He feels proud today and tells all his friends and family “That’s my wife!”




Challenge 2: The bike rental owners disagreed to give us their bike. It took us many rounds to convince them. He asked us to give a trial on how good we are at riding. That’s the day we realized ‘What Gender differences are’.


Challenge 3: Since it had been almost 14 years I had not ridden bike, it felt different. But again, that’s what I had come for. We started our trip. Within 2 minutes the bike silencer hit me. 2 of my friends helped me put medication, tied a handkerchief and I was back on action to continue the ride.

Challenge 4: Yet another accident. I lost control taking a corner and both my sister and me fell off. No injuries at all. Since it was our first fall, we got little worried. But, without really wasting time, we sat on bike to hit the roads again. We had that little nervous laughter when we realized the gearshift pedal was completely smashed and just came off the bike. “Where’s the Pedal dude”?….So basically we had to manage to change the gear with our left leg in air until we found some mechanic.


Challenge 5: Heavy water streamers on the way, muddy roads, squeakiest curves, slippery road due to sudden snowfall while coming down the slope from Khardungla pass, riding while raining, bike skids, thin oxygen level etc were definitely very challenging. None of us were bikers. It was first time for all of us.


Challenge 6: Real crisis when we were short of fuel. With limited petrol and no station nearby, we knew we had to manage it. While riding our bike, everytime we came to downhill slopes, we pressed the clutch and turned off the engine to save the fuel. Holding the clutch is generally not a good idea, but we had no other option. With too many offs and on, we reached the petrol station and refilled the tanks.

Best moment: When we found many bikers on the way saluting us. That Literally gave us goose bumps!



Returning from Ladakh


What advice would you share with women travelling across India on their own?

Everything is in mind. We never faced any guy teasing us during our Leh Ladakh trip or trekking to Annapurna Base Camp (7 days trek it was). We never felt unsafe. In fact there was a sense of responsibility we could see in their eyes. From a mechanist in a repair shop, hotel staffs to random strangers, everyone offered us help and saluted us with respect. A woman traveller needs to be confident and rest everything falls as they want. I have been travelling around for many years now. I remember being the only girl in a local bus when all the passengers left. It was midnight 2, was bit scared, but I spoke to driver and the conductor very confidently. Felt safe after a while. They started calling me didi in few minutes.

They were generous enough to drop me till my hotel. So showing how confident and strong you are, is the real mantra.


Any painful incidents/ experiences which made you stronger as a person?

I am not sure what a painful incident is.

When I was in standard VII, I remember my mom disagreed to send me for a school trip of 10 days. That was the most painful incident. I cried for days. I find it funny now

When I got married, I felt my parents don’t love me. But again, if my mom had also not left her home after her marriage, I would have not been here jotting down my painful experiences. 😛 Today, 2 families love me. My family & my in-laws family.

I remember a lady saying: “my son died few years back. I had lost all belief in God. Today I have started a foundation for autistic kids in my son’s name. It is he who has inspired me to serve other autistic kids. May be I would have never thought of even coming up with this foundation if he was here with me”.

So by now I have realized the painful incident is just a word in dictionary. Everything happens for the best.

Had a hard time trying to recall my painful incidents to answer this particular question. None actually.


You have co-founded Good Vibes, tell us more about it. Where do you draw your inspirations from?

Good Vibes as the name says is all about spreading good positive vibes. Back in January 2015, my friend, and me kick started with designing some personalized stuffs for our friends and acquaintances. Stuffs like break up kit for a friend who recently had a break up, customized birthday cards etc. A Good vibes jar where people can put any good thing they did by writing in a note and dropping it in the jar.

A random Thank you card to strangers.

Our designs were loved, the content were appreciated. We spent the money earned on spreading goodvibes in the form of social service. But with time we realized, we were not earning much out of these gifts.

We always wanted to come up with something very exceptional and deliver some out and out work for the clients. Having spent 6 years working in an advertising industry, and client servicing being my forte, I attained clear cut knowledge of what the brands are exactly in the lookout for. With not many people here knowing the appropriate approach of marketing, it fueled in me a desire to create brand identity for start-ups. And that’s how we moved in to get bigger projects.

Future: Designing and content is just one part. I have plans to add many verticals in the future. A library, small café, art zone are few small verticals that is planned for future. Our logo also if you see, has a colorful dream catcher. This is exactly the symbol of our mission to dream good and big.


What else: We don’t consider ourselves as philanthropist, but portions of all proceeds go to our favorite causes for aiding those in need. As of now we are only able to provide education to 2 kids.


Any other interests that we don’t know about

Want to start a Good Vibes Zone in Bhubaneswar. J

Have interests in almost everything in this world except: Car, Home, and Luxury Life. This is something not many people know 😛

My interest lies in every small thing in life. Be it watching a sunset, a flower grow, or 2 little monkeys fighting.


How do you want to see yourself in the future?

I want to see myself as the top businesswomen of Odisha. Why not India you might ask? Believe in yet another statement “Less is more”


Any message you would like to share for the readers of our blogazine?

Always look on the bright side of life.

Always look on the light side of life.

If life seems jolly rotten

There’s something you’ve forgotten

And that’s to laugh and smile and dance and sing

When you’re feeling in the dumps

Don’t be silly chumps

Just purse your lips and whistle

-that’s the thing


Life’s a piece of shit, when you look at it

Life’s a laugh and death’s a joke, it’s true

You’ll see its all a show, keep ’em laughin as you go

Just remember that the last laugh is on you


-By Monty Phython


All your readers must listen to this song.







Company Website: good vibes


Please note: This interview was conducted/co-ordinated online by Rhiti Bose for IWI

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  1. U were an “INSPIRATION” for me since the day i started working with u.. and u will always be..:-) loads of love pro mam..:-*

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