Farah Siddiqui Matin


What defines you? What are you like?

I think that track doesn’t define us. Our self- believes define us. I’m writing because I have been blessed with a gift. I may have had great success or catastrophic failure. It’s really how you handle the situation defines us in a long run.

I am cheerful, realistic and always see the brighter side of the wall.

Tell us something about your childhood and growing up years, college days.

I was a regular kid, in a family of loving parents and kin. For me life was never a challenge but experience. I was introvert and an observer in childhood. In college I was a darling student of all the teachers, not because of my average academic achievement but due to my kind-hearted behaviour and respect for others.

Any special achievements? Any memorable moments or incidents?

I think I am yet to get the special achievement in my life, but I always remember the moment when I was awarded as the best debut poetess in 2014. I am further nominated among 100 women honour ceremony that will be organize on 26th of July 2016. I have also been interviewed in National television that was aired on 25th March 2016. (Link I have attached with the bionote. Its available on Youtube).

The bright morning of April 2016, when an article about my work and achievements was published in India’s leading newspaper Hindustan Times, is the day I remember most.

Why are you drawn to poetry? why did you decide to pursue a Ph.D in poetry?

In my schooldays I used to compose kavitas and ghazals, and short skits later in the college. After completing my post graduation in English, I was drawn towards poetry. Later, I enrolled in Ph.D and from there my journey as a writer started and I completely devoted myself in composing poetry. I feel delighted in composing poetry and it provides me an intense pleasing combination of felicity and harmony. Pursuing my PhD in poetry added an advantage in my writing skills and others started considering my work more intensely.

You work with under privileged children, can you tell us more about your work in this field?

Working with under privileged children is the part of my life which gives me inner satisfaction and peace, about which I generally don’t discuss in public.

You also write and work on women empowerment, how do you do that?

I write on women empowerment especially for village women who are more crushed than to any other educated and working ladies. While living in Ireland I come across the social issues that women are really facing in India. There is no equality; even they don’t have audacity to take decisions against their family or as their will. They are unaware of fundamental rights given to them by Indian constitution. I feel fearless and audacious when deal with the poems such as Oh’ Women, Child Molestation, Infant’s Prayer, Street Children, Do not crush Me, and Family’s Honour, etc. One can easily feel how the poems start with a chaotic state of modern generation.  My intense belief in Almighty reflects in my most of the poems and the pain in my heart that I feel due to social issues that comes out through from the poems.

farah 1

Any painful incidents/experiences which made you stronger as a person?

In my childhood I frequently visit to my grandmother’s house, and in the interior of the village the destitute survived. And there I saw that despite of working 24*7 hours women are beaten by their husbands and they often snatch money to consume alcohol. Means all the responsibilities of the house were bear by the only bread earner i.e. Women. Through newspaper, magazines and TV news channels I come to know that it’s not the problem of only my grandmother’s village but every village that is located in socially backward areas and uneducated folks.

Any career ups and downs you would like to share?

Actually till now I have not faced any ups and downs. I received full support with my family, and now my husband( Shafique Matin) is like a supporting pillar for me, by his encouragement and support  only I have continued my writing even after marriage.

youtube 10

What do your next five years look like?

I will continue my writing with passion and diligence. My readers should know me and through my writings. I don’t believe in making long-term plans.

Any message for the readers of our blogazine?

Be realistic in your life. Live at present. Hardwork can only leads to success. There is no shortcuts.



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  3. Delhi by Verse Anthology published in 2016
  4. When Cupid Struck its Arrow Anthology published in 2014
  5. Heavenly Hymns Anthology published in 2015
  6. Purple Hues Part 2 will publish in 2016
  7. Aagman Literary Magazine published in 2014
  8. Aagman Literary Magazine published in 2016
  9. Published three poems entitled “Love, Love and Love”, “The Modern Utopa” and “My Other God” in a renowned International USA magazine “Life and Legends” winter 2014-2015, Published Tuesday, December 30, 2014. Irvine, CA, USA. http://lifeandlegends.com/farah-siddiqui/
  10. Published two poems entitled “Infant’s Prayer” and “Oh’ Women” in the famous International French Magazine Levure Litteraire. http://levurelitteraire.com/farah-siddiqui/
  11. http://www.poiesisonline.com/heavenly-hymns—selected-poets
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  14. Published a poem “You arrived as an Euphoria” in a very famous online magazine WRITER’S EZINE.
  15. Published a poem in the Galaxy International Multidisciplinary Research Journal entitled “Oh’ Father” ISSN : 2278-9529, Vol. 3, issue 2nd (March 2014). http://www.galaxyimrj.com/V3/n2/Siddiqui.pdf
  16. Published 3 poems in June 2015 issue – Episteme Magazine.
  17. Published a poem entitled “ Unfaithful Love” in the Contemporary Vibes a Refreed  Journal of literary Criticism and creative writing for free flow of thought. ISSN: 0975-1750., Volume no. 9, April-June 2014
  18. Published a poem “You arrived As Euphoria” in Writer’s Ezine Volume 5th/ August 2014 Issue.
  19. Published a book review by Seema Sharma of my book “The Bliss Of Solitude” in Aagman, the Arrival… A quarterly literary endeavour Oct-Dec 2014, by Sanmati Publishers.
  20. Published Poetry “The Unsurpassable Time” Indian Ruminations Journal Of Indian English Writers. ISSN: 2249-2062.http://www.indianruminations.com/contents/poems/the-unsurpassable-time-farah-siddiqui-allahabad/
  1. Published Poetry “I Am Speechless” Indian Ruminations Journal Of Indian English Writers. ISSN: 2249-2062. http://www.indianruminations.com/contents/poems/i-am-speechless-farah-siddiqui-uttar-pradesh/
  2. Published an Interview with Writer’s Ezine Magazine Sep 2, 2014. http://www.writersezine.com/2014/09/author-interview-ii.html
  3. Published a Book Review of my book “The Bliss Of Solitude” in Writers Ezine Magazine, Sept @, 2014. http://www.writersezine.com/2014/09/book-review-ii.html
  4. Published a poem “Infants Prayer” in Aagman, the Arrival… A quarterly literary endeavour Oct-Dec 2014, by Sanmati Publishers.
  5. Published a poem “Making Me Optimistic in My Days Dreary” in Aagman, the Arrival… A quarterly literary endeavour Jan-March  2015, by Sanmati Publishers.


Please Note: The interview was conducted online via emails for IWI by Rhiti Bose. 





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