Kavipriya Moorthy


Hello Kavipriya, thank you for being a part of IWI’s Incredible Women Writers of India 2016, and sharing your journey as a writer. 

How would you define yourself? 

“Go-getter” – this word describes me. I’d like to give my best at whatever I do, and ensure to take risks, talk to people, leap ahead and get things done. I don’t expect help or wait for someone to offer until and unless required. I think this attitude helped me grow as a person. I love doing things on my own; there’s an acute solitude which I enjoy.

What was your childhood like? Any incidents form your growing up years that shaped you as a person?

I was an introvert at school. I was an observer, and I think that helped me to become a writer. Many incidents – right from being lost in a different city during a family trip to reacting over small issues leading to major issues shaped me as a person. Now I am someone who thinks through, who seldom trusts, and my mind control what I talk. Being a writer, I had to ensure that I become an extrovert. Now am a thorough ambivert. As a person, I think I have shaped myself properly with qualities and virtues picked through my experiences.

When did your journey as a writer/poet began?

I started as a teenager, but I didn’t take it seriously first. When I turned 20, I took it a bit seriously, though. When I wanted to pick a career of my choice, I loved content writing more. When I started ghostwriting a few e-books, my journey began, and I was desperate to own my identity than giving it to someone else for a cost.

Do you have a muse? If yes, who or what acts as a catalyst to your writing?

Observations. I observe a lot and sleep over a thought or a spark. If a thought keeps disturbing me, I would know that my next write-up would be that. I like writing from my experiences, and hence, I take up challenges, meet as many as possible, talk and interact online and most of all I travel a lot.


Do you plan out your work or just go with the flow?

Sometimes when deadlines hold my neck, I plan out to work. Still, I believe nothing can beat writing on a flow and whenever one feels like writing. I think it should be natural.

For you, what’s the easiest thing about writing and the hardest thing? Do you have any weird/funny writing rituals?

The easiest thing about writing is that I can take revenge on people, I can kill them over a write-up. I don’t react or respond to anyone/any situation – I just write them away. Hardest thing has always been post 50% of work in progress; I feel lost most of the times.

Weird/funny writing rituals are still using my laptop that is suffering from cancer for long and is dying. I am attached to it. And, also, there’s my friend who reads whatever I write first and she continues to be that for long. Poor soul.

Do you get writer’s block? How do you battle it?

I love writer’s block because that’s when I read and travel. I love reading and marking the book with a highlighter, and also, the refreshment that trip gives is unbeatable.

I Dont Wear Sunscreen_cover 1_rev7.indd

How have you evolved as a writer since you have started? If you could give one advice to yourself, what would it be? What are you working on now?

 I have evolved a lot. In fact, writing made me an avid reader which I was not years back. I now pick and choose good books to read; I concentrate a lot on grammar, diction, sentence structure, narration, etc.. The only advice to give myself is to read more and focus more on grammar.

Am working on my second novel “Dirty Martini” now. It is a contemporary romance novel and is a cliche breaker at various levels. The response for the excerpts is good enough, already. “Dirty Martini” is a magnum opus release according to me.

What’s your opinion about the future of writing/reading/the publishing industry in India?

I think vanity publishing ruined the game altogether. Many publishers have become greedy and are looking at books as a money churning machine; I wish this could change. I love attending literature festivals, book club meetings, etc where I get to meet people who are interested in writing/reading/publishing. I have also done a few workshops on writing wherein I meet a great set of enthusiastic folks around.  I think a proper filter is required to choose books. Vanity publishing should be streamlined better.

One liners:

Favorite food… Paneer tikka

Favorite Book… A walk to remember

Favorite author… April Henry

What are you afraid of… People 🙂

What makes you angry… back-biting

Childhood crush… LOL, I had a huge crush over my school senior who was in 9th Standard when I was in 4th. She is a miniature version of Aishwarya Rai. So, I had a huge crush.

Things that you can’t leave without… Books, of course! 🙂


Any message or advice you want to share with our readers?

Pick and choose books carefully, what you read will affect your mind, your thoughts, grammar, etc. It is important to be versatile with reading! Ensure to spend at least 20 minutes a day to read. Follow Goodreads, ace book bloggers, and pick the right recommendations.

Kavi's iPhone pictures - Sept 824


To know more about Kavipriya and follow her her click on the following links:

Twitter Handle: Kavipriya_M

FB Page: www.facebook.com/kavipriyamoorthy

Blog linkwww.kavipriyamoorthy.wordpress.com


Please Note: This interview has been conducted online via emails by Rhiti Bose for IWI. 


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