Ramaa Sonti


Hello Ramaa, thank you for being a part of IWI’s Incredible Women Writers of India 2016, and sharing your journey as a writer.  

How would you define yourself?

Introvert. Moody.  Maverick.

What was your childhood like? Any incidents form your growing up years that shaped you as a person?

Childhood..Normal. Adventurous. With  a few  likeminded friends, I tried everything. From scaling walls, climbing trees to daring bulls.  Forgot mentioning throwing stones at windows.

Growing up years made me realize my speech impediment. Then to overcome that, I developed a ‘don’t care’ attitude which made me not to care when people mocked.  Slowly the attitude became the confidence and I became the person I am now.

When did your journey as a writer/poet began?

Since childhood. First story at the age of 5-6 years.

Do you have a muse? If yes, who or what acts as a catalyst to your writing?

Not any muse. But the pride in my husband’s & daughter’s face makes me write.

Do you plan out your work or just go with the flow?

I usually plan. Being a working woman, without planning I can’t multi task.

13. Ramaa Sonti

For you, what’s the easiest thing about writing and the hardest thing? Do you have any weird/funny writing rituals?

Imagination. It’s the easiest.  I usually build up the whole story while I am doing house hold chores.  Hardest thing is sitting at the computer and start typing it out.  Many a time there are stories which formed in my head and remained there.

No. I don’t have patience to stick to any rituals.

Do you get writer’s block? How do you battle it?

No writer’s block as such. But sometimes I don’t write for as many as 2-3 months and then suddenly I start writing and write continuously for another 4 months.

How have you evolved as a writer since you have started? If you could give one advice to yourself, what would it be? What are you working on now?

Think I have evolved. Earlier, I never had this confidence to really write what I think. Now I do.

Advice to me… patience.  And read.

At present there’s a short story in my head regarding a mother son relationship. A bit emotional one. Plan to write it out.

What’s your opinion about the future of writing/reading/the publishing industry in India?

Bright.  Publishers want to publish new writers, it’s an encouraging sign.

One liners:

Favorite food… Simple south Indian fare… curd rice with lemon pickle.
Favorite Book… Strangely I remember this Telugu writer Ranganayakamma. She wrote about gender equality in a book. I don’t remember the name.
Favorite author…  None till now.
What are you afraid of… Losing my loved ones.
What makes you angry… cowardice, lies, and  injustice.
Childhood crush… My English teacher.
Things that you can’t live without… Otrivin nasal drops.  (Will literally die)

Any message or advice you want to share with our readers?

Don’t form opinions about people or judge them… I learned it the hard way.


Raama with her family


Please Note: This interview has been conducted online via emails by Rhiti Bose for IWI. 




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