Double or Quits by Shilpa Gupta

Realistic and fast-paced are just the right words to describe this rollercoaster of a book. Shilpa Gupta has again managed to impress her readers with her writing. She has crafted a story which will be loved by people across age groups.

Revolving around its central protagonist Jyotsna, the novel charts her life from her difficult childhood to landing a successful job at an investment banking firm. It is here that she meets the charming corporate star and billionaire, Aryan Sahani. However there is more to him than meets the eye as Jyotsna later realizes when she is confronted with the dark side of the stock market and the terrible vices that it gives rise to.

Double or Quits is a novel that will keep you hooked on from the very beginning as you maneuver your way in this tale of betrayal and courage.

Shilpa Gupta.jpgThe character of Jyotsna is an absolute delight as one readily falls in love with her and the qualities that make her stand out in the murky corporate world. A strong an independent woman she is secure enough in her own worth as a person and doesn’t let societal pressures manipulate her into submission. Her struggle to rise from the rock-bottom is inspirational as, despite being punished for mistakes that were not really her doing she still made the most of it and came out in the end with flying colours. Her rise from the ashes of her failure prove that anything is possible is if one puts their mind to it.

Jyotsna’s relationship with her girlfriends, Sanchita and Richa, add another fun element in the story as one gets to enjoy their easy camaraderie and the unconditional support they have for each other. The relationship that she shares with her mother and grandmother is equally adorable as the author presents two amazing female characters who support and understand the protagonist even when she is down and out.

However it is the brooding Nitin who truly steals your heart as he stands by Jyotsna when she tries to pick up the pieces of her life again. A well-rounded character, Nitin melts the reader’s heart with his unconditional love and support for Jyotsna.

As a corporate layman with little to no idea about corporate world or terms, I was pleasantly surprised with the simple and easy way that the author has explained the world of major corporations for us. With more than decades experience in this world, she has nicely depicted the goings-on of the corporate world making it easier for the readers to get a better understanding of the novel.

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Note: The book has been reviewed by Diya Dhar, Readomania. The author sent us a free copy for an independent review.
No. of Pages: 300
Publisher: Jaico
Format: Paperback

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