A Tete-a-Tete With Kavita Singh

In the first of our ‘Incredible Women’ series, we bring to you Kavita Singh, an entrepreneur and bibliophile from Indore. Founder of Kaffeinated Konversations, she also curates books and creates events for people to connect at different wavelengths. She is also leading eChai Ventures (an ecosystem for entrepreneurs and start-ups) in Indore.


Kavita Singh is poetry in motion. With her head in a perpetual thinking state, she loves absorbing all that’s there to read and is a great coffee addict. With her passion for books and brews – she wants to someday make a dent in the universe with a big fat book!

‘Books have been a constant companion,’ Kavita says. Like a sibling, never failing her in her journey through life. After more than 6 years in education and another 5 years (and ongoing) in content writing, Kavita wanted to work towards her passion for literature. Kaffeinated Konversations, born out of her love (or madness as she calls it) for books and coffee, was started on 10th April 2016 and its brand Kaffeinated Konversations Book Box was launched on 1st November 2016.15725248_10154424511834081_2001911737_o.jpg

Kavita has come a long way within an year of first setting up Kaffeinated Konversations. A year of reading, writing and artistic pursuits has kept her on a busy yet fulfilling path. 

Kaffeinated Konversations finds mention in YourStory, an exclusive entrepreneurship story platform. In media, her venture has been covered by Times of India, Hindustan Times, Naidunia, Free Press, Prabhat Kiran, SakalTimes, DNA Money among others. Online news as well as blogging platforms have also covered the Kaffeinated Konversations brand.

The journey must have been fraught with challenges.

‘Entrepreneurship was the result of seeing the unprofessional attitude of the people in Indore,’ she admits. But it doesn’t perturb her at all. Strangely, Kavita has high tolerance for people who demean or indulge in hypocrisy. They don’t realize that she gives them a long rope and in the end there’s a loop, either they untie it or hang themselves with it. ‘Besides, the scenario is slowly changing,’ she says.

Overcoming the obstacles has yielded rewards too.

17858672_10154743637199081_1522157941_oShe was awarded by eChai Ventures thrice, for her contribution in developing the ecosystem of Indore city for entrepreneurs. She has also been awarded by Adited as a Woman Entrepreneur.  Kavita has got special mention in two books – Regrets by Shahrukh Ahmed for going through the book at the manuscript stage and in Pishacha by Neil D’Silva for supporting literature.

From the past, onto the future.

Kavita wishes to be part of majority of Indian homes by 2022. She hopes that her efforts would lead to building libraries in homes again.

For her dose of inspiration, Kavita looks to ordinary people who have extraordinary talent. A horror writer who deserves all the accolades for his beautiful writing. A blogger who is yet to taste the world and still is blogging persistently. A visiting faculty by day and entrepreneur by night who believes in making a mark despite all odds. An interior designer who has faced a lot of challenges in personal life and yet is smiling and chirpy always. A college goer who has lots on her plate and yet wants to do more.

‘These are the people who surround me and motivate me to pull up my socks and hustle when I am feeling low,’ she says.

Any advice for our readers?

Do you wake up with a question in mind doubting whether what you are doing is right or not? Well, you’re in the right direction. If you are questioning yourself every day and pushing your frontiers you are trying to bring a revolution. Questioning what you’re doing isn’t wrong, it brings a lot of perspectives on the front and you are able to judge your way much better.

Thank you for taking out time to chat with us, Kavita. We wish you luck in your future endeavours. 

Wish to know her better? Connect with her at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KaffeinatedKonversations/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KKBeanThere
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kkbookbox/
Blog: https://kaffeinatedkonversations.wordpress.com/
Website: www.kaffeinatedkonversations.com

Know of any inspirational woman who deserves to be featured here? Write to us at incrediblewomenofindia@gmail.com or Refer her to us.


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