Many miles to go… A message from IWI Editorial Team

A month ago when IWI was launched in its new avatar, we had received an overwhelming support from you. Messages congratulating us and wishing us the best poured in from all directions and channels, reminding us yet again of the huge responsibility we were taking.

As we beamed at every congratulatory message and promptly expressed our gratitude for all the good wishes, we also felt the warmth of your faith in us; the faith you have in the vision and purpose of IWI. IWI has a supportive following on Facebook and a loyal readership on the blog. We were answerable to them—we were answerable to you.

We set ourselves on the journey of bringing to you fresh and interesting content, and talking about issues that are largely ignored.

Have we succeeded in doing that? Of course, not. It’s not a destination, but instead a never-ending journey—a journey that has only just begun.

We’re indebted to some of you for joining us in this journey, for a lone warrior never wins a battle. We’ve had some incredible write-ups from some of you.

Sexual Abuse Survivors – The Ugly Reality’ by Anupama Dalmia raises a voice against victimisation of women. ‘An Indian Woman’s Soliloquy’ by Anupama Jain makes sure the aggrieved woman’s voice is heard. Movie reviews by Ushasri and book reviews by Mira are a step forward in sharing meaningful cinema and literature with you. We have some incredible women like Kavita Singh who inspired us with her go-getter attitude and Ashima Jain who awed us with her creativity. The most incredible women—our mothers—were sent Mother’s Day greetings.

All of these are an attempt to create a dialogue on things that matter to us and to you. It is important that you speak up too. Express a viewpoint contrary to ours, if you so believe. Debate an article or opinion. But speak up. Agree, if you must, but add your own voice to it. Because IWI isn’t just a blog or website—it is a platform. A platform to express your opinions, to put forward your expressions, to share your stories. Our mission isn’t to publish an article ‘written by someone’. Our mission is to make an impact, through words—YOUR words.

In the past month, your support has been invaluable. Those of you who have declared yourselves as IWIites (read have written for IWI), please know that you have made a huge difference in achieving that mission.

Those of you who have taken the time to read our articles and share, comment, or like them, we thank you (on behalf of all the IWIites) from the bottom of our hearts.

The overwhelming response has assured us we are on the right path. So, thank YOU!

A New Design (1).jpg

We shall keep marching on this path. We shall strive to do better.

Do continue extending your support to us. Share and comment on articles you like; follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; declare yourselves an IWIite and inspire others to do the same.

Until next month…

Be Incredible… Be You!


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