Be Your Own Light

Christmas is the season to be jolly and full of cheer. And, while life may be full of challenges and obstacles, there’s never a better time to pause and reward yourself for how far you’ve come.

So this holiday season, in the spirit of the festive air all around us, IWI celebrates the relentless spirit of a woman with this lovely poem by IWIite Vandana Bhasin.

Weary of challenges and quandaries of life
Dismayed with societal rebuttal and rejection
When darkness engulfed my mind and soul
I decided to be a candle of my own

Unparalleled to colossal darkness
Yet powerful to eliminate obscurity
A candle guides to focus on dreams
Without distressing about your size or realms

A spark is all you need
To relentlessly endorse your thoughts
That’s what I’ve learnt from a candle
In times I was most distraught

Oblivious of its defacement
A candle glows for others
Enlightening us to stay put
Despite trials, defiance, and obstacles

Winds of change will endeavor
To blow your spirits down
Tears of remorse and cowardice
Will extinguish your flame and mourn

But I recall the tenacity of a candle
While I let the wax of defeat to liquesce
As I’ve learnt to use my diffidence
And I’m now my own light

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