A Chat with Sapna Talreja

IWI’s endeavour to feature inspiring change-makers is an attempt to showcase women who have taken charge of their lives and turned it around to pursue something that is dear to them.
One such incredible story is of Sapna Talreja who embarked on an ambitious project to make health and fitness a priority for herself and others.

Who is Sapna Talreja?

Sapna Talreja is the youngest of four children and is very much loved by everyone in her family. Her father is her idol, and losing him suddenly at a very young age, impacted and shaped her life. But in the few years that she grew up under his guidance, Sapna learnt a lot of his values that made her who she is today.

Sapna Talreja

Sapna Talreja decided to turn her life around, became an entrepreneur, and is changing other people’s lives now.

A simple, positive, passionate, and a committed human being, she is a thorough professional who will never give anyone a commitment she cannot honour. She has gradually transitioned from an IT professional to a budding entrepreneur! She is a problem solver, and will not sit idle till she solves anything, be it a code or any problem that needs solving. She always steps out of her own shoes to understand every perspective around a certain issue. She is always on the quest to get better at whatever she is doing. Even though she is very straight forward, she is very emotional also as a human being, and she always appreciates feedback, she practices honesty and values honesty from others as well. Sapna is also not all work, she loves watching Bollywood films, spending time with nature and can eat South Indian food and pani puri at any given time of the day. She also, along the way, has found a lot of peace in fitness and healthy eating.

Who is Sapna Talreja not?

Sapna Talreja doesn’t settle. It’s the best and nothing below that. In whatever she does, she has to be perfect and does everything, with utmost dedication and will. She is a brutally honest person, and will never mince her words. She is a positive person and looks at the bright side of life. Negativity turns her off, false commitments are a letdown, and you will never find her indulge in any form of politics or gossip. Sapna doesn’t go by words; she goes by actions as they speak louder.

What does Sapna Talreja do?

Going back to the beginning, I started my career as a guest faculty in a college in Bhopal.

I began my entrepreneurial journey in 2016 with my first startup, ‘SchoolDigiApp’ a collaboration platform for the education domain; it was a great learning experience. Post this, I worked as a consultant with SmartQED, to help nurture and bootstrap my idea of HappleyFit.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked with the Pune based MNC, Persistent Systems as a module lead. My core expertise lies in being a back-end web developer. Prior to this, I worked with noted companies like Zensar, Fulcrum, and Clarion.

Why does Sapna Talreja do it?

I faced a lot of health issues and weight gain, due to a sedentary lifestyle and erratic working hours. An alteration in my habits, some disciplinary actions in diet, and a fitness regime, with the help of my nutritionist Meghna Shukla and fitness trainer Imran Mevekari, turned my life around completely. This gave birth to Happleyfit as an attempt to help everybody adopt manageable, sustainable fitness and dietary habits and focus on overall wellbeing rather than being just weight loss.


From an IT professional to a proponent of good health.

Whom does Sapna Talreja look up to?

This is a tough question, as I have met idols through every phase of my life. Someone or the other has made an impact on my life and thinking. To begin with, one of my early and constant idols has been my father. He had a never say die attitude, that I have imbibed in me. Due to financial constraints, my dad was compelled to leave his studies, to help his younger brother’s study and hold the reins of the family, and set up a furniture business that became a chain of stores in Bhopal. My early memories of learning from him began in my summer vacations, where we would accompany him to his shop and learn by observing him conduct his business. Our company is also named after my Dad’s name – Vasudev Fitness Private Limited.

My mother was gifted with the kindest heart and always put everybody ahead of her own needs. She sought happiness in others and spent her life nurturing her children and family.

My jiju, Sudhir, has been a father and brother figure to me and his positive attitude is something I am constantly working towards implementing it. A great listener and business mentor, he always lends a keen ear to what I have to say!

One day, my teacher and guide, Mr Anil Purushothaman, suddenly called me and asked me to be a guest faculty in his college. He is the reason I am a proud woman in tech, and he always motivated me to know my potential and use it! He also helped me get my first job and helped me embark on my journey as a developer.

My eldest sister, Soni, slipped into the duty of a mother, as I lost my mother at a young age. As the youngest in the family, I was very impacted by her demise. My sister takes care of me like her own children. She feeds me, nurtures me when I am sick, helps me manage my business with her sound advice, and always applauds and encourages my small milestones and achievements. She has a big heart like my mother and does everything, dil se!

What advice does Sapna Talreja have for our readers?

You learn from every experience, and hence, you must live every experience. Try out new things; you will always take back some valuable learning from it. Health is wealth, and you must nurture and look after your body like an asset. Be organized and plan well. Don’t compare the notes of your life with anyone else. You are walking your own unique journey.

Try out new things; you will always take back some valuable learning from it.

How far has Sapna Talreja come?

To inspire people towards leading a healthy lifestyle has been a memorable achievement for me; many have started working out, planning their meals, which includes home-cooked food, no fad diets, and no quick solutions! I am contributing to a lifestyle that is sustainable, hence happy! Through my personal experiences, I have become a confidant and motivator to many such individuals, and to watch them thrive has been my success.

Bigger success is that those who got inspired by me are now inspirations themselves! I have been talking at various startup events and fitness events and recently addressed a stadium with 1000 participants on International Yoga Day!

I’ve always pursued my friends and acquaintances to chase their dreams, and even managed to get a few to dabble with their ideas, while at their jobs! I take my first startup as learnings. For me, there are no risks, there is only passion! I’ve also encouraged a lot of young mothers to get back to their passions! Our nutritionist Meghna, is, in fact, a young mom!

While working on SmartQED project, apart from being recognized for my development skills, I was highly appreciated for communication skills, which allowed clients to rely on me for a direct interface.

I have been often awarded for a variety of skills, including my analytical skills. I am adaptive, passionate, and I strive for perfection. My exposure to a varied customer base has made me who I am.


‘I recently addressed a stadium with 1000 participants on International Yoga Day!’

Where does Sapna Talreja wish to be in a few years from now?

I aspire to be in a position where I can motivate people in their personal and professional life, be an inspiration for pursuing their dreams and, most importantly, encourage them to always take care of their health. I also have a long-term goal of contributing to the wellness of our nation as a whole, and hence be a part of the FitIndia movement, through my venture and through my example.

Where can we find Sapna Talreja?

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/sapna-talreja

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  1. She is very passionate about work, I had worked with her more than one year. I have lots of learn from her. All the best for your bright future

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