An Open Letter to A Daughter

In the season of open letters, Anupama Jain writes one to her daughter and impart some valuable lessons in her trademark '(s)mothering' style.  Dearest Daughter, I’m back with yet another open letter to you, girl! I know one rarely reads open letters but it’s time the churning within got a closure. Anyway, let me not … Continue reading An Open Letter to A Daughter


#MeToo: The Stories We Couldn’t Hear

In the midst of all the survivors pouring their hearts out and bravely sharing their stories, Lakshana Palat writes why it is okay to keep silent too. “You’ve been sexually harassed. Why didn’t you speak out during the #MeToo movement? Your silence is not helping.” I’ve heard these words quite often, lately. The #MeToo movement … Continue reading #MeToo: The Stories We Couldn’t Hear

Book Review: House of Doctors by Tripti Sharan

House of Doctors, written by Dr Tripti Sharan, published by Readomania is a candid and heart-warming read about the life of a medical student as she pursues her medical degree. This is Sharan’s second book about the medical profession, and while different in tone and content, it is equally impactful and leaves a strong impact … Continue reading Book Review: House of Doctors by Tripti Sharan