Women at the workplace 2022: The year we became louder and more fearless – Give us More 2023

The pandemic was a bigger setback to women than men, we are now expected to achieve gender equality in 135 years as compared to 100 years pre-pandemic. But we have come a long way and going by the women at workplace report, women today are more ambitious and are not afraid of asking for and getting their due. So let this be the year we got louder and more fearless! 2023 can you hear us…loud and clear?


In the aftermath of the murder most foul

In the aftermath of the murder, most foul, let us collectively introspect  Proyashi Barua  The writer is a fiction author and independent content writer. She has authored The Mystic Sinners published by Readomania. Formerly a journalist, she now writes opinion pieces for various magazines and websites. The views expressed in this article are her own.     … Continue reading In the aftermath of the murder most foul

Coping with the pain of Social Rejection

In the previous article, I talked about what is rejection and more importantly the pain of rejection. Rejection in any form (social, familial, economic, environmental…) is hard to deal with, however, social rejection contributes to the feeling of being unloved and unworthy. A consequence of social rejection is putting up walls, it only sounds logical, … Continue reading Coping with the pain of Social Rejection

Going Solo

She is unmarried, not unhinged; single, not stupid. If she chooses to roam alone, eat alone, drink alone, and have fun alone, she is definitely not unsocial, insane or unsuitable for ‘suitable boys’. She is independent, self-assured, and competent, and knows what she wants. And that’s something to celebrate, not disparage or be suspicious about.