Book Review: The Forgotten Garden

Mira Saraf reviews The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton for IWI. The Forgotten Garden is the story of Nell Andrews, a woman who was abandoned on a boat at the age of 4, with no memory of her past. Raised by a dock master and his wife, when she is told the truth about her … Continue reading Book Review: The Forgotten Garden


Writing – Decoding The Mystery It Is

More and more women authors have found their voices in recent years, and their stories have garnered a wide readership. While it is heartening to see publishers and readers give such unprecedented support to female authors, it is also admirable to note how women are increasingly writing about a variety of subjects, some of which … Continue reading Writing – Decoding The Mystery It Is

The Serendipity of the Times LitFest, Delhi 2018

 Litfests are special for authors and readers alike. This year's edition of the TimesLitFest offered a wonderful opportunity to interact with authors from different countries. Sutapa Basu, bestselling author and litfest panelist, shares her experience. ‘What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that … Continue reading The Serendipity of the Times LitFest, Delhi 2018