Chinmayi Sripada: Art, #MeToo and More

Anupama Jain, Head, Content & Collaborations caught up with the versatile and power-packed Chinmayi Sripada on 9 April for The IWI Talk. You can see the video here. We were also joined by Sujatha Sahu as a special guest to surprise Chinmayi! How did this versatility happen? I had an alternate education after class ten. … Continue reading Chinmayi Sripada: Art, #MeToo and More

An Evening with Sushmita Mukherjee

With a career spanning forty years after being educated at NSD, Sushmita has seen cinema from single screen to multiplex to OTT. Her passion has driven her through four decades. "Every child has to go through the journey of finding what you love to do and fight for it." she says. And she humbly owns … Continue reading An Evening with Sushmita Mukherjee

Women In Finance : Building Capital

It is a race for survival for most of us. Very few people out there dare to follow their heart’s calling and explore the difficult path called Entrepreneurship. On Friday last week, we met one such exemplary woman. Humble and informed, and a lovely conversationalist, Gowri Mukherjee left us enlightened and thinking at the end … Continue reading Women In Finance : Building Capital