Book Review: The Shooting Star

What are the fears and challenges when you travel solo? Popular travel blogger Shivya Nath, who has been traveling solo from the age of 23, shares her journey and experiences in her book The Shooting Star. Piyusha Vir reviews The Shooting Star by Shivya Nath for IWI. When I first heard of Shivya Nath as … Continue reading Book Review: The Shooting Star


Book Review: Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged is author Ayn Rand's most famous novel. It invites starkly differing views from readers. Mira Saraf shares her thoughts after reading the mammoth book. “Atlas Shrugged”, over a thousand pages in length (and I might add in hard copy printed only with the tiniest of fonts), is Ayn Rand’s final novel. It is … Continue reading Book Review: Atlas Shrugged

Book Review: House of Doctors by Tripti Sharan

House of Doctors, written by Dr Tripti Sharan, published by Readomania is a candid and heart-warming read about the life of a medical student as she pursues her medical degree. This is Sharan’s second book about the medical profession, and while different in tone and content, it is equally impactful and leaves a strong impact … Continue reading Book Review: House of Doctors by Tripti Sharan