Being Inclusive

If you are progressive, reasonably open-minded like me, and believe in letting people live their own reality, it is very natural to think of yourself as inclusive. Before we move on with this blog, let me clarify what I mean by being inclusive. – In short, it’s countless small things you can do to make … Continue reading Being Inclusive

The bane of Social Media.

Suddenly we were wide open to judgements, anything that was written was subjected to scrutiny to the minutest details. Everything that we said was hashed, rehashed and opinions formed. Camps were made, groups shaped and there was no place for expression. There was treachery, lewdness, obscenity, and worst-case, even a threat to life. But that’s not what this article is about. It is about another issue, that’s become more prevalent with the advent of social media – ‘Comparititis’