We offer a host of services and editorial assistance for the writer in you.

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  1. Comprehensive Manuscript Editing

Using this service will make your manuscript publishing-ready.

There will be two rounds. In the first round, the editor will read the complete manuscript and check:

  1. Loopholes in the plot, structure and content of the book;
  2. Inconsistency in tone and audience;
  3. Discrepancy between the author’s intent and content.

The editor will then mark her comments on the manuscript and send it back to you followed by a discussion (over email or phone). The author will have to work on these comments and send back the revised manuscript which goes into the next round.

This round includes correction of language, voice and grammar, ensuring the document is free of error, omission inconsistency and repetition. The editor will judge whether the tone, style and vocabulary is accurate for the target readers and clean the manuscript. In this phase all the changes will be made in a track-change format in MS Word and sent back for the author to review. Once the author accepts all the comments, the editor sends a final clean copy to the author.

Note:  Extensive rewriting or restructuring, ghost writing, plagiarism check, and proofreading is not a part of this service.

  1. Beta Reading

Using this service will give you a third-person expert perspective about your work and how can you improve it.

Your piece/manuscript will read with a critical eye and then you are given a report breaking down the positive and negative attributes of your work. If any areas need improvement, this is noted through editorial comments, along with ideas or solutions on how to rectify the issue. Any instances of poor writing or wooden dialogue is pointed out, and again, alternatives are offered. These will be done through comments inside the manuscript.

Common errors that are to be queried include plot points that don’t lead anywhere, inconsistent characterisation, or missed opportunities to bring out your main themes. The editor/beta reader will help ensure that your intended audience is clear and that you have maintained a consistent tone in your writing. Here we will mainly be focussed on piecing the bigger picture. Suggestions to make the manuscript tighter, pacier and, in broad terms, publishing-worthy, will be offered.

Note: Copy correction i.e. grammar, language and spelling rectification; rewriting, plagiarism check, and proofreading are not part of this service.

  1. Language Support – Copy Editing

Using this service will give you a grammatically error-free manuscript.

The editor will check and rectify general grammar, sentence structure and voice consistency. Spellings, punctuations, subject-verb agreement, slang/vernacular/sexist language, quotation mark errors, missing parentheses, wrong number of ellipsis points, etc. will be checked for errors and corrected.

The editor also will create a style sheet based on the author’s preference and ensure consistency. She will check for consistency in characterisation (details such as general appearance, eye, skin and hair colour, style of speaking and addressing, etc.) and location descriptions. Issues regarding timeline of the narrative will be checked and fixed. All changes are made in Track mode and the author has the final authority to accept/reject them.

Note: Plot developments, character development, rewriting, plagiarism check, and proofreading are not part of this service. The editor will not enhance the storyline or characterisation.

We do not offer any services for Plagiarism checks and Proofreading.

4. Book Reviews

We accept requests for book reviews in exchange for a free copy of the book.

All requests for book reviews are subject to acceptance and approval by the IWI team. Only requests for physical copies will be considered.

The book reviews will be honest, unbiased reviews and IWI does not guarantee a positive review.

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