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Anupama Jain – Head – Content, Collaborations and Marketing

Anupama Jain is the author of ‘When Padma Bani Paula’, a breezy novel about acing the second chances of life by staying true to one’s roots  and ‘Masala Mix: Potpourri Of Shorts’, a short story collection on the myriad manifestations of love (Both published by Readomania)

She is a contributing author to Better Parenting for the Children of Tomorrow, The Readomania Book of Romance, The Readomania Book of Crime Thrillers,  The Readomania Book of Folk Tales, The Readomania Book of Horror, Mock Stalk & Quarrel, When They Spoke, Crossed & Knotted ( India’s first Composite Novel, 2016 LIMCA book of Records Holder), Chronicles of Urban Nomads,- (all published by Readomania), and  ’When Women Speak Up’ an e-book of inspiring stories published by Women’s Web.

’When Padma Bani Paula’ has been listed as ‘One of the 5 best books of 2018 – Fiction’, by

Anupama, Founder & Admin – SeniorSchoolMoms (Facebook Group), admin at SFTP, blogs at (listed in the Best Indian Blogs Directory 2018, under Topical Matters and Current Affairs Category).
She is the Winner 2018, the Runner-Up 2017, Humour category, and a Finalist, Creative Writing category of Orange Flower awards.
Anupama was listed as one of the 10 Indian women bloggers, a feminist must follow, by Women’s Web, July 2017.
Her short tale of 27 words was one of the top 5 #100wordstory 2018, @momspresso.
Her story on marital morass was one of the top 14 blogs of 2017 out of 18,000+ blogs published annually at
Anupama writes a satirical piece at – ‘AJ Wants to Know’  taking on the quirky world around with all its vagaries.
She is currently editing her third book, a sequel to her debut
Her favorite genre is humour.


Nithya Rajagopal : Manager – Content and Community

A normal lazy human with a love for procrastination, good food and edge-of-the seat TV shows, Nithya Rajagopal holds an MBA degree from IIT Madras and currently works for a philanthropic organisation. She is the author of Over A Samosa, a collection of short stories published by Readomania.  She has also self-published an anthology, ThanThanaThom, Short stories from Tamil Nadu.  Nithya was one of the top contestants of Write India Season 3 September (Nayantara Sehgal). Her articles have been published in Times Of India and Women’s Web.  She is purely an accidental writer.  No significant event led to this unfortunate vocation, except for the encouragement of her friends who felt she was better off writing than chattering nonstop.

Nithya, along with Deepti Menon and Anupama Jain, is the founder of Stories from the Peninsula, a platform to discuss literature from South India. She believes every girl has the right to dream, dare to explore the world and express herself. Nithya hopes to use IWI as a platform to encourage more people across the gender spectrum to claim their fair share of public space.

Having lived in Chennai for a good part of her life, Nithya loves the sea and surprisingly, the hot weather of the city. It allows her to spend more time with her books!

She blogs at The Ink Spear and can be reached on twitter at @TheInkSpear.

Dipankar Mukherjee (2).jpg

Dipankar Mukherjee – Mentor, Head – Ideation, and Strategy.

Dipankar Mukherjee is the Founder of Aeronova and Readomania. He is an MBA from IIT Madras and has nine years of corporate experience before his entrepreneurial career. Under his leadership, Readomania has launched 100+ titles in just about five years. He launched Aeronova in 2019 as a go-to brand in consumer electricals in India.