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And it is a wrap for 2020 at IWI - A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water – Eleanor Roosevelt Each time I read this line, I relish a newer flavor. Though I confess, I couldn’t appreciate the whole crux until I got associated with Incredible Women of India! IWI, as you know, is … Continue reading And it is a wrap for 2020 at IWI


Celebrating Women In Writing : IWI Talk with Dr Manjiri Prabhu - We have been writing all along! Mythlogy speaks about the Brahmavadini, women who strive for philosophical knowledge, and scholars like Mythreyi and Ghosha as poetess and authors. These women found a mention in the Vedas, the veneered religious scriptures of the Hindu religion. The Government of Tamil Nadu celebrates an Annual Avvai Vizha (festival) to … Continue reading Celebrating Women In Writing : IWI Talk with Dr Manjiri Prabhu


About our Panelists and the pen! - It is going to be an erudite Friday at The Incredible Women Of India, as Koral Dasgupta, Kiran Manral and Mona Verma engage in a lively chat with Anupama Jain. There cannot be a better time to remind you of how awesome they are with their craft! Here is a short review of their most … Continue reading About our Panelists and the pen!

IWI Select Reads:

The Anatomy of an Author Name - ”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” –  William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, ca. 1600 If you think about what’s in a name, the answer is a lot. More so, in the field of literature, contrary to the Shakespearean viewpoint.  History is replete with … Continue reading The Anatomy of an Author Name