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The Essence of a Woman - I have always believed that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who takes pride and dignity in who she is. As I think of the most special species on earth – women, many thoughts rush my head. There’s a sense of love and pride that I feel because I am a woman. I … Continue reading The Essence of a Woman


Expert Talk : Dr. Tripti Sharan - In the light of the recent social media campaigns encouraging women to get more comfortable with and talk about menstruation, we decided to talk to Dr. Tripti Sharan about some common issues. Dr. Tripti is a practicing gynaecologist at BLK Superspeciality Hospital, New Delhi and a writer in her quiet moments of introspection. As she … Continue reading Expert Talk : Dr. Tripti Sharan


Book Review: Hangwoman - “Though I tightened the noose around my heart, hot tears mingled with the raindrops and trickled down my face. My left breast throbbed painfully as if it were filled with pus; I burned – and resolved to myself: I will measure his rope accurately. Not an inch more. Not an inch less. I too want … Continue reading Book Review: Hangwoman

IWI Select Reads:

Walking Tall - On the third day of the Hyderabad Literary Festival held earlier this year, as I walked in to the Authors’ Lounge for my daily chit-chat with fellow delegates, I met three remarkable women whom I will never forget. These were three of the members of India’s first transgender band – The 6 Pack Band. Ravina, Asha … Continue reading Walking Tall