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Women and the three-lettered word. - We’ve heard quite often that Men think about sex every 17 sec and women? Ummm… Erstwhile conditioning was that women don’t like sex, or they think of it as a chore. Society still discourages sex by attaching heavy terms like dignity, honour or prestige to a women’s virtue. I guess the word ‘virtue’ really makes … Continue reading Women and the three-lettered word.


Chinmayi Sripada: Art, #MeToo and More - Anupama Jain, Head, Content & Collaborations caught up with the versatile and power-packed Chinmayi Sripada on 9 April for The IWI Talk. You can see the video here. We were also joined by Sujatha Sahu as a special guest to surprise Chinmayi! How did this versatility happen? I had an alternate education after class ten. … Continue reading Chinmayi Sripada: Art, #MeToo and More


About our Panelists and the pen! - It is going to be an erudite Friday at The Incredible Women Of India, as Koral Dasgupta, Kiran Manral and Mona Verma engage in a lively chat with Anupama Jain. There cannot be a better time to remind you of how awesome they are with their craft! Here is a short review of their most … Continue reading About our Panelists and the pen!

IWI Select Reads:

Diversity, Inclusivity, Intersectionality - A potpourri of words, a mélange of concepts or a road map to feminism? Diversity, Inclusivity, Intersectionality. Of late, these words seem to have become buzz words. Some people use them interchangeably; other times they have different connotations. In either case, they are used often in many discourses and discussions, including those related to the … Continue reading Diversity, Inclusivity, Intersectionality